Alabama Constitution of 1819Article VI Section 17


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    Alabama Constitution of 1819, Article VI (General Provisions), Section 17.

    Relevant Passage

    SEC. 17. The General Assembly shall, at their first session, which may be holden in the year eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, or at several counties within the limits of this State, to which the Indian title shall have been extinguished, in such manner as they may deem expedient; which boundaries shall not be afterwards altered, unless by the agreement of two thirds of both branches of the General Assembly, and in all cases of ceded Territory acquired by the State, the General Assembly may make such arrangements and designations of the boundaries of counties within such ceded Territory as they may deem expedient, which shall only be altered in like manner; provided that no county hereafter to be formed shall be of less extent than nine hundred square miles.

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