Arkansas Constitution of 1836Article IV Sections 23 25


Constitution of Arkansas. 1836. Article IV, Sections 23, 25.


SEC. 23. They shall have power to pass all laws that are necessary to prohibit the introduction into this State of any slave or slaves, who may have committed any high crime, in any other State or Territory.
SEC. 25. The general assembly shall have power to prohibit the introduction of any slave or slaves, for the purpose of speculation, or as an article of trade and merchandise; to oblige the owner of any slave or slaves to treat them with humanity: and, in the prosecution of slaves for any crime, they shall not be deprived of an impartial jury; and any slave who shall be convicted of a capital offence, shall suffer the same degree of punishment as would be inflicted on a free white person, and no other; and courts of justice, before whom slaves shall be tried, shall assign them counsel for their defence.
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