Commonwealth of Liberia Constitution of 1839Article 9


Commonwealth of Liberia Constitution of 1839, Article 9


Art. 9. The Governor and Council shall have power to provide a uniform system of military tactics and discipline; to provide for organization, arming and disciplining the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the Commonwealth:

To make treaties with the several African tribes, and to prescribe rules for regulating the commerce between the Commonwealth of LiĀ­beria , and such tribes; except that all treaties for the acquisition of lands shall be subject to the approval of the American Colonization Society.

To prescribe uniform rules of naturalization for all persons of color, and all persons now citizens of any part of the Commonwealth of Liberia, shall continue to be so, and all colored persons, emigrating from the United States of America, or any district or territory thereof, with the approbation, or under the sanction of the American Colonization Society; or any society auxiliary to the same, or of any state Colonization Society in the United States, which shall have adopted the constitution of the American Colonization Society, shall be entitled to all the privileges of citizens of Liberia; except the same shall have been lost or forfeited by conviction of some crime.


Replaced by Republic of Liberia Constitution of 1847/Article V, Sec. 13th after the declaration of independence on July 16, 1847.

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