Mississippi Constitution of 1817Article III Section 8


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    [1]Mississippi Constitution 1817[2], Article III (Legislative Department), Section 8.

    Relevant Passage

    Section 8. Elections for representatives for the several counties shall be held at the places of holding their respective courts, or in the several election districts into which the Legislature may divide any county; provided, that when it shall appear to the Legislature that any city or town hath a number of free white inhabitants equal to the ratio then fixed, such city or town shall have a separate representation, according to the number of free white inhabitants therein, which shall be retained so long as such city or town shall contain a number of free white inhabitants equal to the existing ratio; and thereafter, and during the existence of the right of separate representation in such city or town, elections for the county in which such city or town entitled to such representation is situated shall not be held in such city or town; …

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