Mississippi Constitution of 1817Article III Section 9


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    [1]Mississippi Constitution 1817[2], Article III (Legislative Department), Section 9.

    Relevant Passage

    Section 9. The General Assembly shall, at their first meeting, and in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty, and in not less than every three nor more than five years thereafter, cause an enumeration to be made of all the free white inhabitants of the State; and the whole number of representatives shall, at the several periods of making such enumeration, be fixed by the General Assembly, and apportioned among the several counties, cities or towns entitled to separate representation according to the number of free white inhabitants in each; and shall not be less than twenty-four, nor greater than thirty-six, until the number of free white inhabitants shall be eighty thousand; and after that event, at such ratio that the whole number of representatives shall never be less than thirty-six nor more than one hundred; provided, however, that each county shall always be entitled to at least one representative.

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