South Carolina Constitution of 1790Amendment of 1810


Constitution of the State of South Carolina. 1790. Amendment ratified December 19, 1810.


That the fourth section of the first article of the constitution of this State be altered and amended to read as follows:
Every free white man of the age of twenty-one years, paupers, and non-commissioned officers and private soldiers of the Army of the United States excepted, being a citizen of this State, and having resided therein two years previous to the day of election, and who hath a freehold of fifty acres of land or a town lot, of which he hath been legally seized and possessed at least six months before such election, or not having such freehold or town lot, hath been a resident in the election district in which he offers to give his vote six months before the said election, shall have a right to vote for a member or members to serve in either branch of the legislature, for the election district in which he holds such property, or is so resident.
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