Texas Joint Resolution January 29 1858


Joint Resolution of January 29, 1858. pp=”275ff” href=”https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth6730/m1/1151/?q=%22white%20man%22″Laws of Texas 1822-1897 Volume 4[1]


Whereas, it is a fact ascertained to the satisfaction of the Governor, that the depredations committed upon the frontier citizens of this State, are done chiefly by United States Indians, who enter our territory about the junction of the larger Wichita and Red River, near which there is no military station or post; and whereas, it is believed by many well informed citizens living on the frontier, that the Comanche and other Indians who are fed by the United States on the Texas Indian Reserve, are also directly or indirectly engaged with them in these hostile forays, which is rendering the civilizing and feeding policy of the Government unpopular, if not useless, which would not be so if it were efficiently carried out.


Be it Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Texas, that the Governor be, and he is hereby requested to urge upon the authorities of the Federal Government at Washignton, the great necessity of the immediate establishment of a permanent military post as near the junction of the larger Wichita and Red River as practicable, and the Indian Agents in charge of the Indians on the Texas Indian Reserve, be instructed to require every male Indian over the age of twelve years, to be upon the Reserve under his control every day, unless such Indian or Indians have his special written permission to be absent; and that such Agents be instructed not to permit any Indian or Indians, to be absent from said Reservations by special permission more than three days at any one time, unless they are accompanied by some white man, or men, to be sent with them by him, to prevent them from committing depredations on the citizens of the country, or communicating with other Indians not known to be at peace with Texas, or sent with white men [2]276/1148[3] as guides, hunters, &c., or sent by said Agents as spies, of express bearers; and that the Agents be required to enforce these instructions, and that the Government furnish and keep constantly at each Reserve, a sufficient military force to enable Agents to carry out such instructions. And that our Senators and Representatives in Congress be requested to co-operate with the Governor in accomplishing the objects of this Resolution, and that the Governor be requested to furnish each of them and the President and Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Interior of the United States, with a copy of the same.

Approved, January 29th, 1858.

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