Texas Penal Code 1858Title 19 Chapter 3


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    “An Act supplementary to and amendatory of an act entitled an act to adopt and establish a Penal Code for the State of Texas, approved 28th August, 1856” (February 12, 1858), Title 19, Chapter 3 (Stealing or enticing a Slave).

    pp=”175-176″ href=”https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth6730/m1/1051/?q=white%20color%20negro”Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 4[1]


    Article 656 shall hereafter read as follows:

    Any person who shall attempt to steal, or entice away a slave, the property of another, shall be confined in the Penitentiary, not less than five nor more than fifteen years.

    Article 657 shall hereafter read as follows:

    The offence of stealing a slave is complete within the meaning of Article 655, by taking the slave into possession, either by his consent or forcibly, and removing him a distance however short, from the possession or premises of his employer or [2]176/1048[3] owner, with the design to claim the ownership of such slave, or otherwise dispose of the same.

    Article 660 shall hereafter read as follows:

    An attempt to entice away a slave is the use of any means forcible or persuasive, which may be calculated to induce such slave to abandon the service of his master or employer, and accompany the offender, with the view to deprive the owner of his property.

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